Absorption versus Adsorption: a Spelling Mistake?

 At Nomo we use the process of Adsorption for our Toxin Removal product (great for weathering Hangovers) which consists of activated carbon. This has been specifically designed to target the highly toxic compound, Acetaldehyde, the first by-product of the metabolism of alcohol.

Some people may think we don’t know our science and have committed a gross error in spelling! Far from it.

Although both, Absorption as well as Adsorption, are processes that bind one substance to another, here is the difference [1]:

  • Absorption involves the transfer of mass into another material (like a sponge soaking up water),
  • Adsorption involves the adhesion of particles to a substance (think of a magnet)

 Through the process of Adsorption, Nomo’s activated carbon helps to “trap” the toxin Acetaldehyde to its specifically designed pore structure. It binds the Acetaldehyde to the activated carbon and as the carbon is not absorbed by the body, it will be removed together with the trapped Acetaldehyde by excretion.

[1] https://sciencenotes.org/adsorption-vs-absorption-differences-and-examples/



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